Friday, May 22, 2009

Latest Projects

So I made a few projects but I have been waiting until they got them to put up pictures, first my cousin Jake is getting married to a fabulous girl named Abbie and this was her bridal shower gift that I made:

Her cute apron with her name and own string of pearls:)

Her own "Glamor Gloves"

I also have to thank my wonderful model husband who let me take
pictures of him in this wonderful outfit!:) I promised not to show
anyone a picture with his face, so I'll wait to blackmail him with
those later:)

The second thing I did was make a quilt for my sister in law Jessica who just left on a mission, she loved it and it was a lot of hard work. Good thing my mom can help and tell me what comes next! Here are those photos...

The Machine quilting (what makes it look a little wrinkely in the pictures) was the hardest part but it was very very worth it!

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  1. You're so crafty! Nice job! Wait til Andrew's birthday or something and make a sweet little post about how much you love him and hope he has a great day and post the picture of him in the apron, how can he get mad then? Ha Ha, I'm just kidding!