Saturday, January 17, 2009

The information I should have included before.

So I had a few questions about my hats and it probably would have been useful for me to include this so here you go- The hats are $5.00 a piece you can get one with a flower or with ribbon, and if you want both ribbon and flower it is $5.25.
About the sizing if you are an adult or have a kid older than 4 no measurements needed BUT if not then you will need:
Around the head and also from the bottom of the ear lobe to the middle of the top of the head, so I know how long to make it. Orders usually take a few days depending on how many hats are ordered. So I believe that's the information needed.
Oh and I am working on getting a system going with the samples of yarn that I have and also the types of ribbon. The only problem is I go through it pretty quick so I may have one color tomorrow but not next week:( Cause hobby lobby doesn't keep them in stock! Blame them:)

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